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ModFit LT is a tool for the analysis of complex DNA patterns
Apr 20, 2017
Oct 2, 2014
Aug 26, 2013
Jun 11, 2012
Jan 7, 2010
Dec 8, 2009
Jul 19, 2010

What's new

v4.0 [Aug 26, 2013]
New Analysis Setup dialog for listmode files
The gating and analysis parameter selection dialogs have been redesigned into one streamlined dialog that provides access to all gates and gating tools with improved ease and better graphics.
New region tools
Gating regions can now be created with a full compliment of region types, including freehand regions.
Improved 2P graphics
We have overhauled the graphics for the 2P gating plots to provide better visualization and publication quality.
Parameter selection
For listmode files, the parameters displayed on 1P and 2P plots can now be changed by clicking on the axis label and selecting a new parameter from the list.
External keywords in XML files
ModFit can now read XML files containing additional keyword information and display those keywords on reports and in the database.
Display log or linear axes
ModFit now supports both log and linear axes and presents results in the units displayed on the axis.
Log axis based on FCS file keywords
The program now makes use of keywords in FCS files to determine whether an axis should be display in log or linear.
Parameter zoom
When reading listmode files, ModFit can automatically zoom in on a portion of the data based on several user-selectable methods.
Parameter database
User selection of parameter alias, zoom, transform, and scale are stored in a parameter database.
PDF support
ModFit can now generate PDFs of the report, including during batch processing.
Compensation from keywords
When ModFit detects compensation information stored in FCS file keywords, it can now read and apply that compensation automatically.
Auto-linearity access improved
Auto-linearity is now available via a tool button, file batch processing, and while using synch wizard. There is also a keyword that indicates whether auto-linearity has been performed.
Choose Dataset for multi-dataset files
For listmode files containing more than one dataset, such as FC-500, Galios, and Navios files, the program now allows selection of the dataset at any time via a command in the File menu.
Improved graphic output
The program now offers a Copy Special and graphics export preferences to allow output of high quality images to clipboard and disk.
OLE support eliminated
OLE support has been eliminated from the program.

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